1. TheUnsaid より:

    It’s really sad when there’s no dialogue or voicework matching it, but this is an amazing animation.

    I really like how the second ejaculation takes longer than the first ejaculation. I like the variety in her expressions. I like the confidence in the motion as well. She manages to lift her hips very high while keeping control. This is rare for you, and it’s very well animated here.

    Since this is an animation that’s unused, you could add it to the visual novel as a bonus short story? You can only view the bonus if you complete the main story?

    • ダイス より:

      It was made as a little by little work to sell on Gumroad and BOOTH, but at present both future developments are undecided.
      One idea is to create a scenario and put it together in some way, but this is also undecided.

      So this was a good opportunity to put it out there.