ちょっと問題が起きて、動画のサイズ変更をするとワードプレスだとセピア色になってしまったりと、XMedia Recodeの最新バージョンと相性が悪いようでした。たまたま外付けHDDに古いバージョンを残していたのでそっちからやり直したら正常だったので。





  1. TheUnsaid より:

    If you’re looking for a CG collection, try this one.

    I like his sense of animation. It is stylized in a unique way, and their sense for animation also has a focus on POV. They use the moving parts of their animation in a unique way to get a sense of 3D motion.

    The circle’s girls are also very active. In fact they have works that focus entirely on reverse rape.


    I prefer your sense for facial animation and I like how your animations are a bit more realistic. It makes the girls feel like they could really exist.

    But there’s a strong sense of eroticism that comes from the aggressive and selfish hip swings of their works as well. I think you’re both great and I look forward to both of your works.

  2. TheUnsaid より:

    Regarding the video.

    The MP4 format was created with the internet in mind. It’s the best format to use to post online. If you have size concerns in the future it would be best to just resize the video to a smaller resolution. That way it feels like a preview for the finished version that will appear in the final work, and it will be a smaller size to upload onto wordpress.


    Regarding the motion.
    One word. Amazing.

    Her expression is unfair. The way she’s moving with that expression, it seems like she’ll soon reach her limit, but the confident aggression of her hip swings makes it feel like I’ll reach my limit first. If she moves like this there is no chance I can last for very long.